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Precision HJT9B-FP Lithium Ion Battery

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Product Description

Precision HJT9B-FP Lithium Ion Battery

Volts: Wh: Terminal: CCA: Polarity: Length (in): Width (in): Height (in): Weight (Lbs): Chemistry:
12 36 D 180 +/- 5.91 2.56 3.62 1.54 Lithium Ion


The Precision HJT9B-FP Lithium Ion Battery is a great power-sport replacement battery for YT9B. Get improved performance from your power-sport vehicle by purchasing a Precision Battery. We stand behind our batteries; all of our batteries go through a rigorous quality control process. You can be assured that when you purchase a Precision battery you are getting high quality and high performance power sport battery at an affordable price.

The Precision HJT9B-FP Lithium Ion Battery is suitable replacement for lead-acid battery models: YT9B-4(Gel), YT9B-4, YT9B-BS,HT9B-4(Gel), HT9B-4, HHT9B-BS,CT9B-4(Gel), CT9B-4, CT9B-BS,GT9B-4(Gel), GT9B-4,GT9B-BS.

The Precision HJT9B-FP Lithium Ion Battery has the following advantages:

  • Less volume and weight - up to 65% Lighter than Lead Acid Battery
  • Quick recharge with big current - 6-Minutes Fast Recharge Time
  • Excellent cycle life - 2000+ Extreme Cycle Life vs. 350 Lead Acid
  • No spill - Mounts in Any Direction, No Acid Inside, No Leak Problems
  • Capacity Indicator - Includes Built-In, Easy-to-Read Battery Capacity Indicator
  • No pollution - Does Not Contain any Acid and Heavy Metals Such as Lead, Cadmium, Hydrargyrum (Mercury)


You can also see our warranty, shipping & return policy:

Warranty Policy
Shipping & Return policy

Please check your current battery's dimensions prior to ordering. We have a wide range of powersports batteries, so if you are not sure if this battery is compatible with your current one, please call us TOLL FREE at (800) 650-1708 or e-mail us and Our Customer Service Representatives will assist you.

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Warranty Information

The Yamaha 400CC YFM40FG Grizzly, 2007-2008 Replacement Battery replacement batteries come with a 6 month warranty. If the received product fails to perform during that period, please contact us either by calling (800) 650-1708 or via email. We will then provide you with a warranty claim form, which you will need to fill out and send back along with pictures of voltage meter readings. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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