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Bright Way Group Battery Charger and Maintainer, 12 Volt 7.5 Amp Hour

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Product Description

Bright Way Group Battery Charger and Maintainer Specifications:

Volts: Amp Hours: Length (in): Width (in): Height (in): Weight (Lbs): Connector:
12 7.5  7.25  3.35  1.65 2.07 Clamps



Use the BWG Battery Charger and Maintainer for all 12 Volt Lead batteries of the following types and applications: SLI, SLA, VRLA, AGM, Gel, Auto, Marine, RV, Power Sport. Suitable for 12 volt 28 amp hour to 250 amp hour batteries. Keep in mind that the bigger the battery the longer it will take to charge. Maintains batteries once they are fully charged! Reconditions batteries that may have sulfate build up, but not shorted cells.


  • Ring terminals with easy quick connect.
  • Durable red and black coated battery clamps with easy quick connect.
  • Polarity Protection.
  • Auto Maintaining Mode.
  • 6 foot AC power cord.
  • 6 foot cord on DC side.
  • 17 inch ring terminal quick connect.
  • 18 inch battery clamps quick connect cord.
  • 14 feet total reach from AC outlet.
  • Polar mode for batteries that are in extreme cold considered 20 degree F or below.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


If you have any questions or need more information on the Bright Way Group Battery Charger and Maintainer, or any other products or services offered by, please contact us via e-mail, or call us TOLL FREE at (800) 650-1708. Our tech-savvy and friendly Customer Service Representatives will be glad to assist you.

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