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How advertisers track us through our smartphones?

Posted by Replacement Battery Store on

How Advertisers Track Us Through Our Smartphones?

Today we live in a mobile era, which for some users is the time of massive surveillance of unsuspecting users. Technology really makes our lives easier, and that is true for traceability.

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If you've ever searched for a special product in an online store and then have been flooded with advertisements for this product for weeks, you can be sure that advertisers are monitoring and using your personal information.

1.The type of device

The maker and model of your phone is an important piece of information for advertisers. You will agree that it doesn’t really make sense to irradiate an owner of an Android device with ads for the latest iPhone accessories, for example. Additionally, advertisers are clear that if you have an iPhone XS Max, it's very likely that you are better financially secured than an owner of a cheap smartphone model.


Some big stores keep track of their customers' Wi-Fi activity. Special store sensors look for phones that actively scan for Wi-Fi networks and then use the phone's MAC address to understand how shoppers are moving around the store and which shelves have been retained for the longest time.


Google plans to use the Android device's unique ID number shortly to track users. At the moment, the company has a Google Advertising ID, but if they wish they can opt out of the service that's part of Google Play.


If you use the Twitter app on your smartphone, you know about the ads known as Promoted Tweets that appear at the top. However, if you are more careful you will find that these ads are closely related to the things you tweet. Twitter uses this information, as well as your location, the people you follow, and the things you link to in your tweets to flood you with personalized ads. You also know that Twitter has acquired MoPub, a company offering mobile-focused advertising services.


It's hardly а secret that ads are the main source of revenue for Facebook, and for this reason the company monitors its users. But Facebook has been following us recently even when changing the access device. Atlas is Facebook’s new ads platform. According to Facebook, Atlas offers personalized marketing, helping advertisers reach users regardless of the device, the platform, and the publisher.


It's very important for advertisers to know your location and they know how to get this information with your smartphone, of course. So, if you often go past Burger King, be prepared to receive ads for the company.


Your friends may not be excited about your new selfies, but for companies it is certainly important. You may have heard of the company Ditto Labs, which analyzes photos posted on social networks to collect data about your favorite brands.

8.Advertising ID

The apps you buy for your iOS device show you targeted ads thanks to the Advertising ID. However, users have the opportunity to opt out of this service.

9.As we browse the web

Advertisers continue to monitor smartphone users while surfing the web on their mobile device. The standard way to do so is with cookies.

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