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APC SMART-UPS SU1000 Assembled (Replacement) Battery Cartridge

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Product Description

APC SMART-UPS SU1000 Assembled Battery Cartridge Specifications:
Volts: Amp Hours: Length (in): Width (in): Height (in): Weight (Lbs): Chemistry:
24 12 5.95 7.72 3.70 16.5 Sealed Lead Acid (AGM)

This is a fully assembled APC RBC6 for your APC SMART-UPS SU1000, just plug it in your UPS unit and you are ready to go. The replacement battery cartridge comes pre-assembled with 2 x 12V 12AH x 1 batteries, heavy duty 10 gauge cable and a precision 60 Amp fuse. By ordering this product you will get the correct replacement for your UPS!

All APC SMART-UPS SU1000 replacement UPS batteries sourced by feature Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) Sealed Battery Technology, and meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications and ensure your satisfaction regarding quality, durability and performance. Additionally, all our UPS batteries are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified.

If you need help or any additional information about the APC SMART-UPS SU1000 Battery Cartridge do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives via email, chat or call toll free at (800) 650-1708.


The APC SU1000 Replacement Battery is:
  • Maintenance-Free - no need to fill with acid
  • Sealed and Spillproof
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


This Refurbished APC RBC6 Assembled Battery Cartridge is compatible with the UPS models below:


  • APC BackUPS                        
  • APC SmartUPS 1000NET
  • APC SmartUPS SU1000NET         
  • APC SU1000                    
  • APC SU1000X93                  
  • APC BackUPS
  • APC SmartUPS 1000RM                    
  • APC SmartUPS SU1000X127        
  • APC SU1000BX120                 
  • APC SU700X167
  • APC BackUPS
  • APC SmartUPS RM SU1000RM
  • APC SmartUPS SU1000X93
  • APC SU1000NET
  • APC SUA1000                        
  • APC BK1250                            
  • APC SmartUPS SU700X167
  • APC SU1000RM                         
  • APC SUA1000US
  • APC BP1000
  • APC SmartUPS SU2000R3X155
  • APC SmartUPS SUA1000
  • APC SUVS1000
  • APC RBC6
  • APC SmartUPS SU1000
  • APC SmartUPS SUVS1000
  • APC SU1000VS
  •  APC SmartUPS SMT1000I
  • APC SmartUPS 1000
  • APC SmartUPS SU1000BX120
  • APC SmartUPS VS1000
  • APC SU1000X127
  • APC SmartUPS120
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